The Nauwelaerts family is now in the 3rd generation of confectionery makers.


It all started in 1944 when grandfather Frans Nauwelaerts, together with great-grandfather Theofiel, founded the company. However, it did not last long, because shortly after the founding, the liberation came. In September 1944, the allied armies passed through the municipality of Niel.


In January 1945, activities were resumed, and the company could once again trade in the Rex lemonade that had been taken over at the time, and sell beer. Frans was a baker by profession and after his day's work he would bake waffles at night or early in the morning, which he could then sell during his daytime rounds.

As soon as supplies and sufficient sugar were available again, the confectionery range was launched. The very first products that the confectionery marketed were (white and pink) marshmallow “bacon”, nougat and, liqueur pralines. These were the first steps by confectionery Nilona.


In 1996, the confectionery was sold; grandfather was then 73 and needed a well-deserved rest. Production was then continued by Ark Royal where it was sold again a few years later but by the early 21st century, Nilona products had disappeared from the scene.


In the meantime, the Nauwelaerts family continued to be active in the confectionery sector through a.o. Nilopack, Candy Trade and Sweet Paradise. Sweet Paradise was founded in 1995 by Theo Nauwelaerts & Betty De Ro. This confectionery company with a focus on service and a mix of only the best products became a widely known name from your local grocer to the Kinepolis group.


In 2020 Bart Nauwelaerts took over Confiserie Feliz where artisanal sweets were produced. After more than 20 years of experience in the confectionery sector, Bart Nauwelaerts and his wife Christel Grijseels joined forces. We see an opportunity to offer the products of the past again and to revive Confiserie Nilona.



We want to offer top quality products again, using only natural ingredients.

Our vision of the future?  We bring grandfather's authentic recipes back to life and guarantee a superior taste experience, all wrapped up in a fresh, stylish packaging.