Rainforest Alliance Certified

Rainforest Alliance Certified stands for sustainable agriculture and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The Rainforest Alliance programme teaches farmers better farming methods, improves their working and living conditions, and helps to raise their children and to sustainably protect the environment. Thanks to the Rainforest Alliance programme, farmers harvest better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities, while protecting the environment and safeguarding the earth's natural resources now and in the future.


IFS (International Food Standard) was developed for and by all parties involved in the supply chain, who want to work with uniform standards to ensure the safety and quality of food and non-food products and related services. IFS standards help to ensure compliance with all legally defined food and non-food safety and quality requirements. In addition, the IFS provides common and transparent standards for all suppliers and service providers involved, as well as a concrete and efficient response to the high safety and quality expectations of customers

regional product

Nilona is the label holder of “The regional product” with no fewer than 2 products.

Our Buche Coco en Rum rocks   achieve the coveted label with this.


This label was created to identify and recognize Flemish traditional regional products. The consumer can easily recognize the traditional regional products and is also well informed. The producer is rewarded with a recognition and can thus put his traditional product in the spotlight. All these products meet the 5 criteria of the definition for traditional regional product.


In order to preserve this culinary heritage, VLAM promotes traditional regional products with the regional product label


A unique product, a traditionally made product that tastes like in the old days. We are all in search of authentic, handmade and honest products. Thanks to the Handmade in Belgium label, you can be sure that you are buying Belgian quality. Because those who have earned the HIB label make their own quality products on a small scale. Here, in Belgium.


When you choose products with the Handmade in Belgium label, you choose products that are produced locally and have met strict quality requirements. For products that are handmade and custom-made on a small scale by passionate craftsmen with expert knowledge. And with a personal touch that makes all the difference.

To receive the HIB label, these craftsmen must meet a list of conditions. This way you can be sure that you are buying quality.


Craftsmen can obtain legal recognition from the Craftsmen's Commission of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

This acknowledgement confirms the authentic character of the activity, the manual aspect of the work and the know-how of the craftsmen.

The activity has an authentic character, based on manual work, quality, tradition and/or innovation.

For customers, the label provides recognition that they are in the presence of fine workmanship.